«Жизнь — это путешествие»: семья фотографов зарабатывает на жизнь щелчком затвора


Джек Большов и Марта Кулеша провели последние несколько лет своей жизни, фотографируя горы и записывая свои впечатления по пути от Исландского плато в Южные Альпы Новой Зеландии. «Будь то дождь, снег, солнечный день или штормовой — мы пытаемся максимально использовать условия, которые планета Земля решила дать нам»

It's been a week and a half since my accident in the Canadian Rockies and I still can't believe how lucky I am to be alive and so grateful more than ever for each new day. Today I met with my rescuers from Banff Search and Rescue who did an amazing job saving my life. Once again I experienced Canadian friendliness and kindness. Today I have opened my Lightroom for the first time in a week to look at all the photos I have taken in the past two months. There is almost 3000. They will certainly keep me busy for a while as I won't be taking photos in the next few weeks. Most of my camera equipment drowned during the accident. If you still wander what happened I slipped into a river whilst taking photos and was taken downstream into Mistaya Canyon where I ended up trapped for a couple of hours, stuck on a little shelf in freezing cold environment before I was rescued. I've been told today by the awesome people who rescued me that they were amazed I managed to stay aware for so long and that I didn't let go. Unfortunately others who slipped in similar circumstances weren't so lucky. I have definitely learned from this experience and I hope others will too. I will tell the whole story on my blog at some point when I finally bring myself up to put it all down on paper. For now, please stay save. Being extra careful won't hurt!

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«Наша последняя поездка была 14-месячным путешествием через Канадские Скалистые горы и Тихоокеанские прибрежные горы Британской Колумбии. Мы проехали 4000 километров на север, чтобы поймать 3-дневное северное сияние

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